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Element Water in Yoga

H2o Yoga and Meditation Bali Retreat Center is located on a small island off Bali called Gili Air translating to ‘Water Island.’ Throughout our time living in True Nature we have discovered the importance of elemental awareness in our yoga practice and our lives.

Water is the emotional element, and with the similarities of the Earths surface and the human body both being approx 70% water, the influences of the element are quite profound.

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True Nature at H2O

Slow Down and reconnect to your True Nature at H2O

Welcoming all into our peaceful sanctuary, at H2O we advocate the importance of taking time out from our busy lifestyles to relax into a practice that brings us into harmony with our body, mind and inner being. A space that allows us to reconnect with our true inner nature of peace and harmony.

The words of David L Weatherford emphasize this very clearly in his beautiful poem “Slow Dance”.

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True Nature Yoga

When attending a class at H2O Yoga and Meditation Center, true nature yoga classes in our beautiful island shala on Gili Air, a vibration of oneness with nature is always included

The open air Yoga Circle with thatched roof allows prana to flow with great ease. With no motorized transport and the ocean shore only 200m away, the air quality doesn’t get any better.

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Introduction to Meditation at H2O

Meditation is a natural, peaceful practice that brings us into an alignment of serenity, fulfillment and harmony on every level of our being, from the physical level of the body to the emotional and mental levels of the mind, moving then into a spiritual awareness of our true nature and being.

Meditation is for everyone, and alongside our Yogic practice at H2O Yoga and Meditation Center, meditation course in Bali. Our sessions are open to beginners and experienced practitioners alike. The classes focus on introducing the dynamics of setting up a practice to newcomers, and reinforcing the structure to those who already practice.

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