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Bali Mind Body Spirit

Bali Mind Body Spirit - To have a Bali Mind Body Spirit and vibration means to explore the depths of offerings within the healing and Yoga realms.

Observing the mind through meditation, listening and healing our body through yoga and therapies, connecting to the mystical spirit that is the same in everyone and everything is part of the journey for those who are having a shift in consciousness.

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Vinyasa Yoga Bali

Vinyasa Yoga Bali

The type of Vinyasa Yoga Bali has to offer varies greatly from teacher to teacher. Vinyasa gives the opportunity for the teacher to inject their own creativity and passion for the sequences to really come to life.

The flow of Vinyasa Yoga Bali retreat centers such as H20 Yoga and Meditation center incorporates is a flow with elemental connection, drawing on the natural influences in our island habitat of Gili Air.

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H20 Yoga and Meditation Center We Offer the Affordability

Cheap Retreat in Bali

At H20 Yoga and Meditation center we offer the affordability, facility and service of a cheap retreat in Bali.

Excursions from the world of work and extending the experience of a holiday can all be experienced in full when you enjoy the range of activities you can undertake both alone and as a group when you join a retreat package.

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Meditation Courses in Bali

Meditation Courses Bali

Give the participants the opportunity to immerse themselves in a positive atmosphere to practice and learn.

The meditation courses and classes we teach at our H20 Yoga and Meditation Center Bali, explore various styles of meditation that give individuals the choice to find the one they most connect with. Prior to introducing a meditation course in Bali  great thought was given to the type of people we would expect to participate and which teachings may benefit them in their daily lifestyles.

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