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Gili Air Accommodation

The beautiful Lombok islands are host to a special place providing Gili Air accommodation with serenity.

Gili Air accommodation at H20 Yoga and Meditation Center gives a variety of options. When looking for Gili Air accommodation, H20 Yoga and Meditation Center is the perfect place to rest and is in close proximity to the best beaches and restaurants. Continue reading

Yoga Retreat Bali

Yoga retreat Bali

“I immediately felt I would be coming back here again after the Yoga retreat close to Bali.” Esther started her 6 months traveling journey coming to the H2O Yoga retreat via Bali, to the beautiful island of Gili Air. A few months later she is in the center again, helping out for the coming up ‘True Nature’ Yoga retreat. “It feels really good to be back”. Continue reading

Lombok Yoga

Lombok yoga has appeared as a natural expansion of the flourishing yoga community in Bali. The fresh sea air and the tranquil island lifestyle is what makes Lombok yoga so special.

Gili Air is at the heart of the Lombok yoga scene with H20 Yoga and Meditation Center being the largest center in Lombok with two studios, accommodation and café. Lombok yoga is an island experience; it doesn’t get any better! Continue reading

Bali Retreat

A Bali retreat including yoga and meditation is the perfect gift for yourself. Rejuvenation and tranquility are words to describe a Bali retreat.
The H20 Yoga and meditation Bali Retreat Center is host to the ultimate Bali retreat: The ‘True Nature’ retreat. It’s location on the small magical island of Gili Air is the perfect get away you have been looking for in a Bali retreat. Continue reading

Silent Meditation Bali

Silent Meditation Bali

Establishing joy in a silent Bali meditation retreat is the most important part of the practice. Joy comes from our mental attitude and whilst in a silent Bali meditation retreat this will be amplified.

The silent meditation Bali offers is in finding silence under every noise. The duration of the silent meditation Bali and Lombok offers varies anywhere from one day to ten days. The evening silence and star filed sky at the Gili Yoga Center on Gili Air is a moment to embrace.

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Bali Yoga

The H20 Yoga and Meditation Center located on the peaceful island of

Gili Air is the energetic magnet for those looking for a Bali yoga retreat with a difference.

Bali yoga centers cover a wide area and beautiful Gili Air connects Lombok yoga and Bali yoga in tranquility and true nature on the inviting ocean shores of the H20 Yoga and Meditation Bali Retreat Center. For the full Bali yoga experience and some time to reflect, there is no better place than

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Meditation Bali

There are many things on offer in Indonesia and when it comes to meditation Bali is the perfect space to find your pure essence in a meditation Bali retreat.

For those with an interest of exploring spirituality in a deeper manner, meditation Bali and Lombok meditation are woven together at H20 Yoga and Meditation Bali Retreat Center on Gili Air. (Water Island)

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Hatha Yoga Bali

At H20 Yoga and Meditation Bali Retreat Center, traditional Hatha Yoga retreats are conducted every month. Hatha Yoga Bali drop in classes in an open aired shala can be enjoyed both in the morning or the evening. Many people come to Gili Air initially with an interest in diving and snorkelling, but often leave with a deeper interest in pursuing Hatha Yoga Bali style after attending our classes.

An increasing number of yogi’s and yogini’s visiting Bali are now including the

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