Bali Retreat

A Bali retreat including yoga and meditation is the perfect gift for yourself. Rejuvenation and tranquility are words to describe a Bali retreat.
The H20 Yoga and meditation Bali Retreat Center is host to the ultimate Bali retreat: The ‘True Nature’ retreat. It’s location on the small magical island of Gili Air is the perfect get away you have been looking for in a Bali retreat.

Mindfulness in a Bali retreat, exploring focus in the present moment is one of the key elements in H20’s signature ‘True Nature’. Yoga, meditation, conscious breathing and healthy eating will bring joy back into your being.

The dream of an island escape with a connection to the ocean and earth is all possible on Gili Air. A full daily schedule of positive flowing energy will be the medicine which allows you to return to your ‘True Nature’ of peace, connecting to your true identity of beauty and love.

A Bali retreat offers silence, reflection and appreciation. A Bali retreat also offers clarity of mind, stress relief and a happy return to your gentle nature. Diving, snorkeling, bicycle riding or wandering along the calm shore line are some of the wonders you can explore within a Bali retreat on Gili Air.

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