Bali Yoga Center

When going on the trail of exploring Bali yoga centers it can lead to many interesting places.

Bali yoga centers can be found in cultural Ubud, the neighboring rice fields, the beaches of Canggu and the popular diving location of Gili Air.

The H20 Yoga and Meditation Bali Retreat Center is leading Bali’s island yoga scene, with opportunities to attend daily yoga classes, meditation, Chi Kung, monthly retreats and teacher trainings.

The natural draw of Bali yoga centers to be found in the nearby islands, gives those embracing the yoga system an opportunity to encounter a prana soaked environment without cars or motorbikes enabling the gifts of both joy and concentration to resurface in their practice.

The natural setting complements our feminine lunar energy and as the ocean breeze after being filtered by the coconut trees enters the yoga circle, it massages our bodies, leaving us in yoga bliss!

It can be quickly realized that with the popularity of yoga in Bali, the range of locations delivers a smorgasbord of possibilities to incorporate within you holiday plans. The healthy dining and mountains of Ubud, the beaches in Canggu and Amed and the diving on Gili Air island.

Bali yoga centers keep popping up in more and more beautiful locations with great facilities and quality teachers.

The H20 Yoga and Meditation Bali Retreat Center is receiving continuing positive reviews to support this. Connecting with nature on our island paradise we find ourselves, and reconnect with our ‘true nature’ of peace.

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