H20 Yoga and Meditation Bali Retreat Center

Bali Yoga Retreat

Our Bali Retreat Center offers events and retreats all year round. The retreats offer a chance to slow down and connect with our True Nature of peace, then leading into a positive space of expression, growth and abundance.

The events we offer allow freedom to be incorporated into all activities ranging from yoga and meditation to snorkeling and group activities. Time to reflect and look deeper is there for the seeker whom has come for the Bali yoga and meditation input.

Self inquiry is an important part of life, it is likened to decorating a vase of flowers and then standing back to look at it and see things from a different perspective. If we do not do this from time to time life moves forward in perhaps a direction which is not in alignment with our path of destiny.

The H20 Bali Yoga and Meditation Center offers periods of silence which bring us into awareness and it is through this we make the connection to everyone and everything.

Practicing mindfulness in the retreat center allows you to pick up on the residual vibration of other like minded beings who have embraced the opportunity to connect with the many cultures which have found a home for meditation and yoga in Bali

Yoga in Bali and Meditation in Bali appeal to those who wish to embrace not just a beautiful aspect of this magical island environment but encapsulate a special time to take a meaningful reflection upon the cultivation and expression of the creativity within our lives. Yoga and Meditation Retreats in Bali, and especially on the island of Gili Air, being a peaceful escape from the world of traffic and pollution provides a limitless platform to open your heart, focus, trust and heal.

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