Bali Yoga Retreat

What makes us decide we need, or could benefit from a Bali yoga retreat?

A retreat is symbolic of removing ourselves from our normal environment, and the thought of taking part in yoga would more than likely be associated with a conitation of doing something healthy. And for some, it could be the idea of reconnecting with stillness, peace and happiness.

Of course a Bali yoga retreat naturally includes the spiritual essence that exists on this magical island of wisdom and knowledge.

At the H20 Yoga and Meditation Bali Retreat Center, a program of physical and spiritual development is the core of our classic ‘True NatureBali yoga retreat. Some of the memorable advantages of being on a small island is seeing the early morning sunrise and the evening sunset both rise and fall on the glistening ocean.

Gili Air (WaterIsland) is the perfect place to connect to the emotional feminine element of water. Each of our emotions are like a drop of water, forming a river within us. During the ‘True Nature’ Bali yoga retreat, you will begin to feel the subtle energies and start to understand and feel them through ‘deep looking’ in meditation.

At H20 Yoga, Gili Air we work with people of all levels and abilities, so not only learning but refining and exploring various methodologies is part of the recipe.

A Bali yoga retreat that includes beach time, snorkeling and great vegetarian food is all part of this uniquely designed experience. The diverse range of International travelers attending our retreats, gives it a beautiful flavor and many a strong friendship is formed.

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