Bali Yoga Retreats

With yoga becoming so popular across the globe, many people are flocking to Bali Yoga Retreats. Gili Air is the home of H20 Yoga and Meditation Center where there are Bali Yoga Retreats of an eight-day duration every month.

The ‘True Nature’ retreat has become the Bali Yoga Retreat that people are recommending to their friends as the one for a rewarding experience. Coming from Europe, Scandinavia, the America’s and neighboring Australia, it is the melting pot of international spiritual seekers.

A Bali Yoga Retreat on the island of Gili Air provides a space to connect to nature. With the  ocean breeze, the peaceful turtles and the endless supply of coconut water, it is the Bali Yoga Retreat you have been dreaming of. Yoga, meditation, silent periods for reflection, sun and ocean time all await you!

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