Chinese Yoga

Experience the Union of Mind, Body and Being at H2O Yoga and Meditation Center with our brand of Chinese Yoga, Hsien Chi Kung

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Translated as ‘ Life Force Skill’, Chi Kung is an art of internal energy cultivation that originated in China over 4000 years ago.

Through concentration of breath and movement, Chi Kung is a practice of self development and healing that cultivates one’s internal energy. It brings balance to mind, body and being by increasing our vital energy levels.

The benefits of the practice work on all levels. From a physical level, we strengthen the muscles and tendons, release  tension, and bring  greater coordination to mind and motion. The peaceful movements and breathing techniques improve oxygenation of the blood and stimulate the release of toxins. The gentle practice reduces blood pressure and calms the nervous system, improving our concentration and our overall well being. We can reduce stress, improve circulation, and support  the function of all of our organs.

As an integral part of Yogic practice, pranayama yoga is one of the eight limbs of Yoga. We seek to revitalize our Life Force through conditioning our Chakras and Nadis with the energy that animates all of creation (prana). We raise the vibration of our being into radiance. At H2O Yoga Bali, we achieve this with Chi Kung, our special brand of Chinese pranayama.

As we stimulate our internal enery centers and condition our meridians to channel greater levels of Chi into the body from the soul, we experience true union of body, mind, breath and being. This opens us to a process of personal energy development that runs with integrity directly alongside our  Hatha Yoga Bali, Vinyasa Yoga, Asana Yoga practise.

Chinese Pranayama, inspired by this important practice of Yoga, relaxes the body, calms the mind and allows us to achieve a fresh and energetic experience of our presence. As we stimulate and open the energy channels within the body to allow more of the subtle Life Force energy that permeates all of creation to channel through into our very being, we boost health and vitality to body, give clarity and peace to mind, and shine truth and radiance from our soul.

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