Gili Air Accommodation

The beautiful Lombok islands are host to a special place providing Gili Air accommodation with serenity.

Gili Air accommodation at H20 Yoga and Meditation Center gives a variety of options. When looking for Gili Air accommodation, H20 Yoga and Meditation Center is the perfect place to rest and is in close proximity to the best beaches and restaurants.

If looking for dormitory budget accommodation or new bungalows with air conditioning and hot water, the H20 Yoga and meditation Center has the Gili Air accommodation options to meet your needs. Located just a few minutes inland from the east coast, with coconut trees, wild mangoes and other native plants, the setting is picturesque and peaceful.

H20 Yoga and Meditation Center has Gili Air accommodation with comfortable beds and friendly staff. The H20 Yoga Art Café within our center is ideal for those looking for a healthy Gili Air Accommodation venue with wholesome snacks.

H20 Yoga and Meditation Center provides Gili Air accommodation for people who enjoy feeling safe, comfortable and happy.

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