Hatha Yoga Bali

At H20 Yoga and Meditation Bali Retreat Center, traditional Hatha Yoga retreats are conducted every month. Hatha Yoga Bali drop in classes in an open aired shala can be enjoyed both in the morning or the evening. Many people come to Gili Air initially with an interest in diving and snorkelling, but often leave with a deeper interest in pursuing Hatha Yoga Bali style after attending our classes.

An increasing number of yogi’s and yogini’s visiting Bali are now including the

H20 Yoga and Meditation Bali Retreat Center as one of the boxes that needs to be ticked before returning home.

The tranquil ambience is the first thing we find most people comment on when visiting our center. Part of the reason for this is the energy flow principles and honouring of elements which is given attention during our planning.

A complimentary pot of fresh green tea is shared after our morning class, which gives visitors a chance to share travel experiences, talk yoga and meet like minded people.

We start our morning with the health benefits of Asana within our classes and continue it with laughter and spiritually rich conversations.

Hatha Yoga in Lombok and Hatha Yoga Bali and Gili Air schedules of drop in classes can be found at all the popular cafes in Ubud (Bali’s melting pot for yogi’s) With Hatha Yoga Bali now having expanded to the magical Island of Gili Air and Lombok, the travelling yogi or yogini has an exciting list of possibilities to explore.

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