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Bali Bar

Enjoy a night at Kori Restaurant and Bar, the best Bali Bar with great wine and cigar.

Bali Best Bar

Enjoy exclusive range selection of wines, champagne, spirits, martinis and cocktails at Kori Restaurant and Bar, a Bali Best Bar in Kut

Bar Kuta

Location of the best bar kuta and best restaurant in Kuta, Bali with traditiona setting

Bar Legian

Kori Restaurat, best Bar legian and best restaurant in Kuta.

Bar Legian

Enjoy a night at Kori Restaurant and Bar, the Bar Legian which has a cozy atmosphere.

Best Restaurant Bali

Kori Restaurant and Bar, has traditional balinese restaurant atmosphere. Great restaurant for family in Kuta, located in the famous legian. Best catering and best bar in Kuta bali.

Family Restaurant Bali

Discover a new dining experience in Kori Restaurant & Bar. a family restaurant Bali and truly Balinese ambience in Kuta

Restaurant Kuta

Restaurant Kuta with balinese menu, asian cuisine and vegetarians menu. A Balinese traditional restaurant with Bar and private lounge

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