Lombok Yoga

Lombok yoga has appeared as a natural expansion of the flourishing yoga community in Bali. The fresh sea air and the tranquil island lifestyle is what makes Lombok yoga so special.

Gili Air is at the heart of the Lombok yoga scene with H20 Yoga and Meditation Center being the largest center in Lombok with two studios, accommodation and café. Lombok yoga is an island experience; it doesn’t get any better!

H20 Yoga and Meditation Center has recently opened the ‘Creative Coconut’ hang out. A place where visiting yogi’s can ‘hang out’, sip on herbal teas and coconut water or nibble on fresh seeds and nuts whilst meeting other like minded people. Creative artistic expression is encouraged through taking part in mindfully painting carved Buddha heads or sharing musical talents.

Lombok yoga is truly unique. There is no motorized transport on Gili Air, and the peaceful oasis of H20 Yoga and Meditation Center encapsulates the true essence of what Lombok yoga represents: Enjoying the fruits of yoga, whilst living on a small island surrounded by the sea.

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