Introduction to Meditation at H2O

Meditation is a natural, peaceful practice that brings us into an alignment of serenity, fulfillment and harmony on every level of our being, from the physical level of the body to the emotional and mental levels of the mind, moving then into a spiritual awareness of our true nature and being.

Meditation is for everyone, and alongside our Yogic practice at H2O Yoga and Meditation Center, meditation course in Bali. Our sessions are open to beginners and experienced practitioners alike. The classes focus on introducing the dynamics of setting up a practice to newcomers, and reinforcing the structure to those who already practice.

It is important to explore the fundamentals of setting up a meditation practice, from correct and comfortable seating posture, to using props and having a correct breathing technique. Moving into exploring the use of hand gestures (mudras) and mantras (chanting), we deepen our experience of meditation and its benefits.

There are many techniques of meditation and through experience we can feel which ones are of benefit to us, as we work in building and sustaining a practice that brings us into alignment with our mind, body and being.

By practicing meditation at H2O Meditation Course regularly, we can reap rewards on many different levels of our awareness.

  • Physically, it reduces blood pressure, eases fatigue and stress in the body, and allows us to feel grounded and balanced.
  • Emotionally, it creates a space for us to settle into our feelings, which assists the processing of our experiences. This allows us to feel more settled and able to define the essence of our passion and creativity.
  • Mentally, it allows our mind to clear so we can experience a greater clarity of thought and concentration. This allows us to focus with more integrity and determination upon our goals and intentions without obstruction.
  • Spiritually, it allows us to feel  inspiration rising from our personal intuition, as it aligns us with our deepest aspirations for all that we seek to experience, from the source of our awareness lying within.

This practice of meditation complements our Asana as we focus with deeper concentration, intention, and application of our understanding.

When we practice meditation regularly, we will experience positive shifts within. The swift moving clouds of our perception slowly begin to recede revealing a clarity of awareness that gently brings us into a clearer alignment on each of these levels. From this, we inevitably begin to experience a clarity of vision, and a perception of a more deeply fulfilling awareness. This enriches the very outlook of complete understanding of our path forward in the fulfillment of our lives’ deeper goal and purpose.

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