Silence in Meditation Retreats

At H2O Yoga and Meditation Center, we offer a variety of yoga and meditation retreats all year round. It’s the perfect setting away from the hustle and bustle to replenish your energy reservoir and gain clarity before re-entering your working life.

The eight day ‘True Nature’ retreat has one optional day of silence, which most people

Enthusiastically sample and absolutely love. Many realize they want to immerse themselves in the silence for longer, and we have now created the five day ‘Natural Flow’ silent retreat.

The silent meditation journey is one of getting to know ourselves, and you might even say marrying ourselves. When we create stillness through breathing mindfully, the restless mind settles and clarity appears.

On August 10th 2013, H2O Yoga and Meditation Center is hosting the first five day silent retreat to be offered on the Gili Islands, close to Bali and Lombok.

The ‘Natural Flow’ retreat explores a variety of meditation techniques, taking the aspirant to a place of being alert, awake and conscious of thoughts and actions. This leads to living a lifestyle full of joy, gratitude and connection with our ‘true nature’ of peace.

Quite often in life, external influences of friends, family or work colleagues can direct us onto a path that is not in accordance with our life’s purpose. Aside from the health benefits that meditation gives us, such as lowering blood pressure, heart rate and calming the mind, it gives us so much more. The battlefield within our mind of how we live versus how we want to live will diminish when we begin to water the seeds of peace, tolerance, understanding and joy in our store of consciousness with a meditation practice.

When we are silent, we become aware of our breath, our spirit. We then feel a sense of not being alone on this journey through life. We become fully immersed in the present moment, not living in the past with regret or the in future with fear.

This energy, usually dispersed through interactions with others, is focused during our silence. Our energy levels are high and we are in a position to think positively, think deeply and connect with our true self, which delivers us into a perfect space to make important decisions in life.

For some, the internal journey is too frightening to contemplate. It happens at different times for different people. The shift from living in an automatic mode to becoming consciously aware is really the heart of the Yogic practice.

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