Silent Meditation Bali

Silent Meditation Bali

Establishing joy in a silent Bali meditation retreat is the most important part of the practice. Joy comes from our mental attitude and whilst in a silent Bali meditation retreat this will be amplified.

The silent meditation Bali offers is in finding silence under every noise. The duration of the silent meditation Bali and Lombok offers varies anywhere from one day to ten days. The evening silence and star filed sky at the Gili Yoga Center on Gili Air is a moment to embrace.

H20 Yoga and Meditation Bali Retreat Center has an annual five day silent meditation Bali retreat and also the monthly ‘True Nature’ retreat incorporates one day of silence.

Silent meditation Bali retreat center’s are a place to reconnect to your true essence of Peace.

When we maintain silence we feel our power returning, not emitting any negative thoughts, reconnects us with a purity which we always have within us.

Mindful silent Bail meditation retreats, such as at H20 Yoga and Meditation Retreat Center give you a place to disconnect, so you can reconnect to your ‘True Nature.’ Giving yourself the opportunity to take part in a silent meditation Bali retreat is giving yourself a beautiful gift.

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