True Nature Yoga

When attending a class at H2O Yoga and Meditation Center, true nature yoga classes in our beautiful island shala on Gili Air, a vibration of oneness with nature is always included

The open air Yoga Circle with thatched roof allows prana to flow with great ease. With no motorized transport and the ocean shore only 200m away, the air quality doesn’t get any better.

Sounds of rustling leaves on the mango and banana trees and the occasional coconut falling from the sky bring a strong connection to the Earth element of stability and strength. Surrounded by water, we awaken our awareness of our emotional element and learn adaptability and transformation. The feeling of being in nature brings us back to our non-duality, realizing through the elements of Earth, Water Fire and Air that we are connected to everything and everyone, not a separate entity.

As we move through our Yoga postures, the representations of these elements seem to enliven a deep spiritual experience that keeps us very much in the present moment, mindful and joyful.

The days of practicing in a city with four walls and no parking are long gone. Our guests ride in on bicycles or casually stroll in and enjoy meeting other travelers and having healthy conversations with like-minded people, not a group who just want to do the practice, keep to themselves and race off home.

We provide an environment where the aspiring yogi can develop on all levels through drop in classes, silent retreats and teacher trainings.

Roosters crowing and hens clucking during the class, Surya the H2O resident cat visiting you during meditation, and geckos chanting during Savasana are all part of “True Nature” Yoga in every class. Opening ourselves to receive the healing energies form Mother Earth and Father Sky on this idyllic island paradise brings us back to our true nature of peace.

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