Vinyasa Yoga Bali

Vinyasa Yoga Bali

The type of Vinyasa Yoga Bali has to offer varies greatly from teacher to teacher. Vinyasa gives the opportunity for the teacher to inject their own creativity and passion for the sequences to really come to life.

The flow of Vinyasa Yoga Bali retreat centers such as H20 Yoga and Meditation center incorporates is a flow with elemental connection, drawing on the natural influences in our island habitat of Gili Air.

Yoga in Lombok is growing in popularity with the ease of access to the Gili Islands. Lombok yoga retreat center H20, is bringing many different styles of yoga flow with a continuing list of guest teachers sharing their craft, be it a class a workshop or a teacher training.

The breath guiding the movement, allows the creative currents to ebb and flow, creating smoothness between transitions which makes the island paradise of Gili Air the perfect destination for lovers of salt air, ocean shore dreaming and Vinyasa Yoga Bali style.

H20 Yoga and Meditation center Bali is named after the element water in recognition of bringing awareness to our ocean within.

Lombok Vinyasa Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga Bali are joined by a body of water whose adaptable nature merges, bringing the best to the magical island of Gili Air.

The context of the word ‘flow’ is predominately with water, so it would seem reasonable to think that we take on the same qualities in our Vinyasa, of being able to change our form just like water, snow, Ice, hail and mist, be flexible, adaptable and have the wisdom of energy redirection rather than resistance, then bringing transformation.

Whether it be Hatha Yoga in Bali, Meditation in Bali or Vinyasa Yoga Bali has many options, and the open aired Shala at H2o Yoga and Meditation Center Bali should not be missed for a memorable experience.

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