Establishing a Good Practice at the beginning

H20 Yoga and Meditation Bali Retreat Center attracts many people with an interest in yoga, beginners and experienced alike.

With a lot of curious ‘first timers’ to yoga, we initially make our visitors feel comfortable and try to remove any possible per-conceived notions, excitement to learn and participate then follows.

Walking in the door of a yoga center can be a scary thing for many. Possibly feeling insecure about lack of flexibility or not having designer clothing on. We set out to make people feel comfortable straight away by reminding them that yoga is not about comparing ourselves to others or rating our practice on how flexible we are. It is about being in the present moment, being mindful, being aware, becoming body conscious and most importantly being joyful!

It’s commonly known that the Police usually prefer to train people to be Motorcycle Police Officers that have no previous riding experience. The reason for this is that they have no bad habits and can teach them the most correct and effective way of riding. It takes much longer to lose an old habit then to develop a new one.

For this reason alone, we love it when new yogi’s come in to our Center. We start by explaining the meaning of the word yoga (Union) and establishing the proper way of breathing throughout the practice (two things many yoga practitioners have never learn)

Safe and effective ways of stretching are tools that we share which participants can take into whatever other code of sport they may be involved in.

Simple rules such as keeping harmony in the breath.

- Mentally preparing by reminding yourself you are not in a hurry and it may take more than ten cycles of breath to reach your ‘end position’

- Waiting on the inhale, then slowly moving further into the stretch on the exhale
- Awareness of the spine and using the breath to extend.
- Moving slowly so the opposing group of muscles do not contract; inhibiting the stretch.

We see many people benefiting from these methods, surprising themselves with their fast progress. Lower back and shoulders are the two areas people damage when following the ego rather than listening to their bodies. This is another area we emphasize; respecting your body and where you are at on any particular day and using child pose when needed.

Moving through a joyful practice of a spiritual essence are two important ingredients in our recipe at H20

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