Yoga Retreat Bali

Yoga retreat Bali

“I immediately felt I would be coming back here again after the Yoga retreat close to Bali.” Esther started her 6 months traveling journey coming to the H2O Yoga retreat via Bali, to the beautiful island of Gili Air. A few months later she is in the center again, helping out for the coming up ‘True Nature’ Yoga retreat. “It feels really good to be back”.

How did you like being in the H2O yoga & meditation center?
“When I signed up I had no idea what to expect. I googled for a Yoga retreat close to Bali, because it thought it would be nice to start my trip together with some other people. It has been a great decision. Everything was included: a pick-up from Bali, the boat to Gili Air, a nice bed and amazing food. Plus everyone was extremely relaxed, calm and friendly. For me it was a great place to forget about home and to start preparing my adventure.”

Did you have any experience in meditation or yoga?
“I had some meditation classes before, but yoga was brand new to me. I had been playing football for almost 10 years, but stopped a few years ago, and I never found anything I liked as much. Now I love yoga as much as I love football, I never expected that. It is totally different, but such a great workout. You use your whole body; arms, legs, shoulders, core and it gives you a great opportunity to focus and ‘feel’ your body.”

Would you recommend the Yoga retreat, here, near Bali?
I definitely would recommend it. The Yoga retreat is close to Bali, so it is easy to get there if you fly on Denpasar. Or, if you are on your way to Lombok anyway, Gili Air is a beautiful island to stop by. I am looking forward to meeting the people who will join the coming up Yoga retreat. I really felt happy, empowered and calm afterwards, so I am curious to see this change in others.”

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